Code: St. Galler Compilation of Statutes “Swiss Tax Law”

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St. Gallen Compilation of Statutes
Swiss Tax Law
Engl, 5. Edition 2022, Law School

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St. Gallen Compilation of Statutes
Swiss Tax Law
Engl, 5. Ed., 2022, Law School
University of St.Gallen
392 pages

English is not an official language of the Swiss Confederation. This translation is provided for information purposes only and has no legal force.
This is not an official publication.
Authoritative binding is solely the official publication of the Federal Council.




1.       Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation (FC)
Extract: Article 126 – 135
Official Trans-lation Swiss Confederation
2.       Federal Acton on the Harmonisation of Direct Cantonal and Communal Taxes
(Direct Taxation Harmonisation Act, DTHA)
StudyTools Translation
3.       Federal Act on the Direct Federal Tax
(Federal Direct Tax Act, FDTA)
StudyTools Translation
4.       Federal Act on Withholding Tax
(Withholding Tax Act, WHTA)
StudyTools Translation
5.       Ordinance to the Withholding Tax Act
(Withholding Tax Ordinance, WHTO)
StudyTools Translation
6.       Federal Act on Stamp Duties
(Stamp Duties Act, SDA)
StudyTools Translation
7.       Ordinance on Stamp Duties
(Stamp Duties Ordinance, SDO)
StudyTools Translation
8.       Federal Act on Value Added Tax
(Value Added Tax Act, VAT Act)
Official Trans-lation Swiss Confederation
9.       Ordinance on Value Added Tax
(Value Added Tax Ordinance, VAT Ordinance)
Official Trans-lation Swiss Confederation
10.    OECD Model Tax Convention on Income
and on Capital – Condensed Version (OECD-MC 2017)
Official Version OECDn
11.    Contents

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