Integration Week English

The documents for the preparation of the integration week in law can be ordered online. Payment is made via PayPal or by credit card.
The documents can also be obtained in specialized stores or SKK.

In order to ensure timely delivery, please place your order by July at the latest.


The shipping  costs can be found here. We ship with Swiss Post and their prices can be found on their website, shipping time is approximately  2 – 5 business days.

International shipping: International shipping is only possible for the integration package “Standard” (CHF 95.05). Please order other titles for foreign countries via Swiss book stores, such as Schulthess.


For the English Integrationweek there are different options available – all are sufficient.
You can also order single products.

Package Options

Integration Package (Standard), including:

  • Contract Law (Vol. I), 528 g, CHF 36.50, 7. Ed. 2021
  • Company Law (Vol. II), 405 g, CHF 36.50, 7. Ed. 2022
  • Code of Obligations (CO)**, 1000 g, CHF 30.00, 2022

Total Package: CHF 95.05 incl. 2.5 VAT
add. shipping – conditions for 1 standard package

(no Study Cards, no Exercise Collection)

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Integration Package (with all the material), including:

  • Contract Law (Vol. I) & Company Law (Vol. II)
  • Code of Obligations (CC & CO and Further Business Law-Related Enactments) (CHF 35.00)
  • Exercise Collection (CHF 35.00)
  • Study Cards (includes more than 300 cards) (CHF 35.00)
  • StudyTools Bag (free in the set-price, not for sale)

for a total of CHF 178.00 incl. 2.5 VAT
(add shipping, standard rate acording to Swiss Postal Services)

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